Geo Metro Engines

The following are replacement engines for the Geo Metro. While most Geo Metro engines will run for upwards of 200,000 miles, sometimes they die early and you have to replace the whole Geo Metro engine!

The Geo Metro G10 Engine

From 1989 though 1994 (Generation 1 and 2 Geo Metros) the engine of the Geo Metro had a G10, 1.0L I3 engine. This was a 3 cylinder inline-three reciprocating piston internal combustion engine, where each of the cylinders sit side by side. It was rated for 55 horsepower and was EPA mileage rated as achiving 38 mpg in the city and 45 mpg on the highway.

The Geo Metro G13 Engine

In 1995 (the Generation 3 Geo Metros) the engine of the Geo Metro was upgraded to a G13, 1.3L I4 engine. The I4 engine was a 4 cylinder inline-four engine. Like the I3, all 4 cylinders are mounted in a straight line. This was a 70 horsepower engine that gave the Geo Metro a little more power.

In 1997 more engine options were added. The LSi models that were built from 1997 onward had a 4 cylinder engine that was tuned to 79 horsepower and Geo Metro base models had the option of the older 3 cylinder engine.

Available Engines

If you need to replace the whole engine, an engine for the Geo Metro isn’t to expensive. The trick is finding one. Below are the currently available Geo Metro engines that we know about.

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