Geo vs Prius

So the Geo Metro is 10 years old.  There’s no way it could compare to todays modern fuel efficient hybrid cars right?  Guess again! This little old car can hold its own.

Comparing the Geo Metro to the Honda Prius

When you compare the ‘old’ Geo Metro vs Honda Prius, the Geo does great. Even with all its technology and despite the age difference, the Geo Metro is only slightly behind in most areas, and even ahead in others.

Just take a look at the comparison chart below.

Compare a Geo Metro with a the Honda Prius side by side:

Honda Prius Geo Metro
EPA City 48 46
EPA Hwy 45 49
0-60 sec. 8.9 12.7
Cargo 11.8 cu ft 29.1 cu ft
Front head 37.1” 37.8”
Front leg 35.4” 42.4”
Weight 2,765 1,650
Price $21,000 $875

The Geo rivals and in some instances surpasses the Prius making it the working man’s economy car. The Chevy Aveo was created to take the Geo’s place. It has a starting sticker price of $11,965 and EPA of 26mpg(city) and 35mpg (hwy). Still not as good as the Geo.

So if you want a cheap, fuel efficient car, go find a nice Geo.