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Geo Prizm

Geo Prizm

When the Geo Prizm was first introduced in the fairly large small car auto market, it took the market by storm. The Prizm was the perfect, trendy car for any high school or college student. These little cars made parents and young adults happy. The parents appreciated the 4 door sedan style because it provided a nice break on the insurance policies and gave an added sense of safety, and the young adults liked it because it was still small enough to be cool. The Prizms were very roomy and provided plenty of room for 5 people.

The model was basically a Toyota corolla, with a hip new name. The car got excellent gas mileage, making it ideal for commuters as well. The Prizm was first manufactured as a sub compact car until 1992. The models made after 1992 were about three inches longer, which classified them as compact cars. Compact cars earn higher safety ratings in the auto world.

The Prizm was available in a three or four speed automatic transmission, or a five speed manual transmission. The first generation of the Prizm, which were made from 1989-1992 were available with a 1.6 litre engine. From 1992-1998 the Prizm could be purchased with the standard 1.6L engine or a more powerful 1.8L engine. This engine was perfect for the size of this car. It provided enough power to keep up with the bigger engines on the highway.

These cars provided excellent gas mileage. In city driving a person could get anywhere from 20-25mpg. Highway gas mileage can vary depending on a number of circumstances, but the average is anywhere from 27-35mpg. There have been some reports of the Prizms getting up to 40mpg. These are very economical cars.

The Geo Prizm lost its name in 1998, when Chevrolet changed it the model to the Chevrolet Prizm. The model had its last year in 2002, before it was completely phased out. The name Geo, was and still is associated with low cost or cheap cars. This has lowered the value of these models, even though they are very close to the higher valued Toyotas. There are a number of Prizms that are still on the road today and are well over the 200,000 mile mark.

Geo Prizm For Sale

Our goal is to help people find Geo cars. Below is all the Geo Prizm's for sale that we could find. This list updates frequently, so check back often if your looking to buy a Geo Prizm.

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