Geo Storm Air Conditioning & Heating Parts

The following are replacement parts for the Geo Storm's air conditioning (A/C) and heating systems.  While these may not be critical to the functioning of the car, they sure do make the ride more comfortable for you and your passengers.  A broken air conditioner in the middle of summer can be torture and not having the heater work in the winter makes driving a frigged experience.

A/C CompressorFor fixing the air conditioning, you'll want to look at the Geo Storm A/C compressor kits, A/C condensers and A/C evaporators.  For heating system repairs, check out the replacement Geo Storm heater blowers and heater cores.

Sometimes your heater or A/C may still be working but can't be turned off or on.  If this is the case, a Geo Storm A/C or heater controls should do the trick.

Fixing the air conditioning or heating of your Geo Storm will make the ride much more pleasant.  We know that Geo Storm air conditioning and Heating system parts can be hard to find so we've compiled a list of parts to make the whole process easier.

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