Oil Changes

The Benefits of Getting Regular Oil Changes

It is very important to change oil regularly in cars as recommended by Automobile manufacturers. The benefits of regular oil changes after driving a car for a period of time or certain number of mileage can not be over-emphasised. Its quite important to change the oil according to laid down instruction given by the manufacturer. Most manufactures encourage oil change after driving the car for 3 months or after 3000 miles. All this ensures that the engine lasts longer and the car remains in good condition.

After driving a car for a period of time, the oil breaks down in viscocity and loses the strenght required to effectively lubricate the car engine. If the oil is not changed, the chances that the car would function properly and remain alive becomes very slim. Oil helps the metal parts of the engine function properly by enabling them to move freely reducing friction, if the oil is not changed it becomes sticky and begins to stick itself to the metal parts. Sluge begins to build up in the engine and reduces the performance of your car. This causes overheating and leads to wear and tear of the engine. In short, changing your oil regularly, helps the vital parts of your car to function properly, thereby increasing the overall performance of the vehicle.

Drivers who from an habit of changing their oil, save themselves a lot of money by reducing the chances of repairs on the car. They save some money on fuel, because a well-lubricated engine runs smoothly and allows the driver achieve more mileage per litre of fuel. This drivers also prolong the life of their cars by servicing it when due.

Changing your oil regularly also helps the enviroment, the cleaner the oil, the less the emissions released from your car. This emissions causes air pollution.

The best oil to use is the type indicated by the automobile manufacturer in your car manual. For most new cars any oil that meets the American Petroleum Institutes “SH” rating is suitable.

Majority of new cars these days require oil with multiviscosity of 5W-30 . This oil contains additives that reduce friction and improve fuel economy. For older cars, oil with multiviscosity of 10W-30 or 10W-40 is a good option.