Geo Metro

Geo Metro

Geo Metro

The Geo Metro was introduced in 1989 through a joint venture with General Motors and Suzuki. There exteriors came in Base and LSI models without 2 and 4 door hatchbacks. Their were 5 speed manual and 3 speed automatic transmissions available. The engine was a light alloy overlay with a light alloy head and overhead cam. At front transverse 1 litre with 3 inline cylinders and 55 HP under these hood. Built with automatic valve adjust ments for 2 valves in each cylinder. It had 74mm bore with the 77mm stroke and 9.5 compression ratio. The gas mileage was phenomenal with 49mpg(city) and 58mpg(hwy). Little did know then that consumers would crave this little car’s endurance and fuel efficiency. Manufactured from 1989 to 2001, are still Geo’s out the strong.

Their ‘92 model had refreshed front and rear fascias, new dashboard layout, ergonomic comfort control panel and new instrument cluster. That year, 100,000 Geo’s were sold! In 1993 the last convertibles were made, along with these first airbag. This year also brought about the auto door lock feature. Once a speed of 10mph was reached the doors would automatically lock. The FXL was introduced with EPA of 53mpg(city) and 58mpg(hwy). This would only model to retain the 3 cylinder engine.

In ‘94 the Geo was the first car in the world to meet side impact standards with a 4-star rating. The little Metro held that rating from ‘94 through ‘97. The next year was the last for the SLI hatchback. In ‘95 the Geo got a makeover with more modern appearance which included dual front airbags and anti-locking breaks and a 30% stronger chassis. Customers wanted more power so the 4 cylinder engine was introduced with an upgrade to 79 HP. The increased engine capacity enhanced the Geo’s power but sacrificed the gas mileage. The 3 cylinder was still available in hatchback version.

‘96 models came equipped with bucket seats, front seat cup holders, door pockets and 2 courtesy lights with switches. That 4 cylinder engine was tweaked to increase horsepower to 79 but again gas mileage was sacrificed. The last year the hatchback and 3 cylinder were made is 2000. In 2001 the 4 door sedan was sold to fleets only. Present Geo Metro owners love to boast about their cars. Some claim they have driven over 150,000 miles and the little machines are still going strong. Presently you can find Geo’s priced from $250 to $2000, if their owner will part with them.

Geo Metro For Sale

Our goal this help people find Geo cars. Below these Geo Metro’s for sale, their could find. This list updates frequently, check back often your looking to Geo Metro.

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