Properly maintaining a car is a great way to extend the life of the car and help it run as efficiently as it possibly can. Many people may enjoy driving, but may not know how to properly care for their car.

The following are a few simple steps will help to improve and maintain your car's performance.

1st - Get regular oil changes. Most cars need their oil changed every three thousand miles. Failing to change the oil may result in the car not running up to par. You may notice that the car has bad pick-up and acceleration. Another result of not getting regular oil changes is an extreme misuse of fuel. If you find that you are going through gas faster than you should, your oil may need changing. Old oil will act like sludge and may slow the engine's performance.

Another tip would be to fill the tires with air at least every week. Because the tires get the most abuse, it just makes sense that they should be one of your main concerns when it comes to car maintenance. As we drive, our tires may lose air and after awhile, the loss of air may cause a flat tire. Most gas stations will allow people to pump their tires with air for free.

You should also regularly check all of your fluids. This means checking under the hood at your oil, water, and brake fluid containers. Also, don't forget to check your antifreeze as this can be crucial in colder weather. And though it may seem like a menial step, always check your wiper fluid as well. In case something dirties and blurs your vision, you want to make sure that you can properly wash your windshield to better see the road.

Also, be sure to get regular and routine tune-ups for your car. If your tires are beginning to show wear and tear, you may also want to replace them and get a wheel alignment.

These few simple tips will help your car run more efficiently and productively. Never be afraid to ask someone if you need help performing any of these tasks.