Geo Spectrum

The Geo Spectrum was a rather short lived car. It only officially wore the Geo brand-name for a single year.

Geo Spectrum Ad from 1989Before that, from 1985 to 1988 it was called the Chevrolet Spectrum, and was part of the Chevy lineup. When G.M. decided to launch the Geo brand in 1989 they needed a larger selection of cars for the Geo series. So for the 1989 production year, and to help launch the Geo brand, they renamed the Chevy Spectrum the Geo Spectrum and ran it as a step up from the Geo Metro.

The car was designed to target younger car buyers as an entry level vehicle. And specifically to compete in the compact car market that was dominated by Japanese cars.

Now the funny thing with all this, is that the Spectrum was actually made by Isuzu. In fact, this car was rebranded and sold by several companies under different names. In the U.S. it was sold by Isuzu as the Isuzu I-Mark, by General Motors as the Chevrolet Spectrum and the Geo Spectrum, and by Pontiac as the Pontiac Sunburst. Outside the U.S., G.M. sold it as the Chevrolet Gemini and Isuzu as the Isuzu Gemini.

The Geo Spectrum was replaced the next year, 1990, by the Geo Storm. This was also an Isuzu made car. The Gemini body style was a redesigned and renamed the Gemini Coupe. This updated body style was used in the Isuzu Impulse and the Geo Storm.

Geo Spectrum Pictures

1989 Geo Spectrum Hatchback

Geo Spectrum For Sale

If we find any Geo Spectrum's for sale, we'll list them here. Although we have to admit, they don't come up often.

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