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Geo Tracker

Geo Tracker

The Geo Tracker was a small SUV that was similar in length to a Dodge Neon. It was short but most had 4 wheel drive that could get you out of any jam. They were also fun to drive in the mud as their short wheel base allowed quality riding on the trails. The small 4 cylinder engine was not the most powerful, but the little SUV was light and did not need much power to get it going. Some engines did not even have 100 horsepower but that did not stop this little mighty vehicle. The gas millage was very good for any car and great for a vehicle as versatile as this one.

The Geo Tracker was around for a few years until Chevy bought Geo in the late 1990’s and the vehicle became the Chevy Tracker. It did not last too long with Chevy but it still sold a decent number of vehicles. The body style was lengthened and a V6 engine was added. The original Tracker was changing and departing from its original roots though.

These Trackers has their own following of people that loved how you could take this small vehicle and put huge tires on it and lift the body. You could build a mini Hummer and have an awesome off road machine for a much cheaper price. This would really hurt the gas millage benefit from having the Tracker but who cares when you are having fun in the mud.

While the Geo Tracker had its day, there are not that many left on the road today. The last 10 years featured huge SUV’s that guzzled gas down like it was free. The smaller SUV’s became unpopular and slowly people got rid of them. The Tracker still has a following within their select clubs and these people will never give up on the original Geo Tracker.

Geo Tracker For Sale

Our goal is to help people find Geo cars. Below is all the Geo Tracker’s for sale that we could find. This list updates frequently, so check back often if your looking to buy a Geo Tracker.

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