Geo Metro Convertible

In 1990, Geo released a new LSi version of the Geo Metro with a convertible option.

Geo Metro ConvertibleThe two-seat convertible was based on the Geo Metro hatchback body type.  The Geo Metro LSi convertible featured a 1.0-liter three cylinder engine with a five speed manual transmission.

While there was some interest from consumers for a sport and fuel efficient convertible, the demand wasn’t enough.  The Geo Metro convertible was manufactured from 1990 till 1993 when production was halted.

The Geo Metro convertible is probably the most fuel efficient convertible cars you’ll ever find.

Despite is sporty appearance though,  it is lacking in raw power. Something that most people want when they buy a sports car.  Not to mention the modern conveniences you find in newer vehicles.

Geo Metro LSi Convertible Pictures

1990 Geo Metro LSi Convertible 1991 Geo Metro LSi Convertible 1992 Geo Metro LSi Convertible

Interior and Trunk Pictures

1992 Geo Metro LSi convertible (Interior View) 1991 Geo Metro LSi convertible (Interior View) 1991 Geo Metro LSi convertible (Trunk View)

Other Pictures

Geo Metro Convertible (With the Top Up) geGeo Metro Convertible (With the Top Down) Geo Metro Convertible (With the Top Down - Back View) Geo Metro Convertible (With the Top Up - Front View)

Geo Metro Convertible for Sale

Finding a Geo Metro LSi convertible for sale can be hard.  Their short production run and relative popularity makes finding an owner who will part with one difficult.  Below are all of the Geo Metro convertibles we know about.

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